My Story:

I used to be on the roller coaster of start-stop-start-stop with eating healthy and exercising. I would get all excited and motivated with a new exercise plan only to find myself taking a 3-month break from the plan shortly after I started. I would go to the grocery store and buy all this healthy produce and be convinced that this time I was going to change my eating habits for good. Then, the next week I would be throwing away all this fresh produce that went bad because I didn’t follow through on my plan and instead, went back to old habits.

I would beat myself up about it, my confidence was super low because I felt like I lacked the self-discipline and will power I thought I needed to get my health on track. My energy was low. I was constantly feeling run down, I didn’t socialize much. I was basically putting my life on hold for the one magic day it finally all worked and I became the person I knew I was capable of being. Not good.

I knew there had to be a better way. I was tired of never feeling like I was making progress. I become obsessed with learning as much as I could on the topics of health, energy, fitness, nutrition, and mindset. I read any book I could get my hands on, listened to countless audio programs, went to classes and seminars, tried different diets, new workout routines, and slowly was making progress.

After years of trial and error and a ton of lessons learned along the way, I realized something. When I looked back on the previous 7 years in my health journey, what were the things that made the biggest difference? It was the small shifts that I made and stuck with over the years that have made the biggest impact. It wasn’t when I decided to go on a crazy juice fast or eliminate all caffeine, alcohol, and anything white from my diet because those drastic changes were not sustainable for me. They weren’t realistic in the long run. Once I looked back at who I was before I started on this health journey though, I noticed even though I wasn’t where I wanted to be yet, I was miles ahead of where I started.

I used to eat ice cream every night for dessert, eat a lot of pastas with heavy cheese sauce, pre-packaged dinners like boxed mac and cheese or top-ramen. I would have cooked vegetables but rarely raw veggies. I got sick often and felt run down and low on energy almost every day (which was my excuse for not working out). I would start a new workout plan only to fall off and go weeks or months before doing another workout. I had no idea what a green drink even was. Which by the way, if you don’t know what a green drink is either, that’s okay! We will get there 😉

Bottom line…I was not living at the level I knew I could be and it was killing my confidence.

Fast forward 7 years and I am now at a point in my life where the junk foods I used to crave are things I no longer have any interest in. I don’t have to worry about will power, they just are not appetizing to me anymore. Whenever I turn down dessert when I’m with friends, they always think I have such great will power where in all honesty, I just have no desire for that food. My palate has changed so much over the years that most desserts are way too sweet to me now. And this happened by accident by just making small healthy shifts to my eating habits over the years. I’m also loving my workouts (most of the time at least!) and get antsy if I miss a workout for more than a couple days. And that’s what I want for you!

My Why for Creating Busy Girl’s Fit Life:

I know what it’s like to have barely any time to dedicate toward creating a new healthy lifestyle. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with the millions of choices out there and not know where to start or how to keep from giving up. I’ve been the one that puts the needs of everyone else before my own to the point where I was burned out and frustrated. The thing was, I was making this too hard on myself and I know there are so many people out there that feel the same way. Getting your health back on track doesn’t have to be so complicated or time consuming. Through sharing what’s worked for me, I hope to help and inspire others.

What’s made the biggest difference for me over the years are the shifts I made that were simple, didn’t take up much time, and got me the results I was after.

And that is what I will be sharing with YOU, simple and quick ways to add more healthy choices into your daily routine so you can have FUN with the process instead of dreading it.

I’m not about extreme anything so if you’re looking for a quick fad diet program, I’m probably not your girl. If you’re looking for straight-forward guidance and support on creating lasting changes to your level of health, fitness, and happiness, then I can’t wait to work with you!

Stick with this and over time, you are going to see AMAZING RESULTS and as your ENERGY and CONFIDENCE sky-rocket, you’re going to be ready to take on the world 🙂 I’m honored to be with you on your journey.