Clean Eating 101 – Questionnaire

    Personal Goal Assessment:

    How knowledgeable are you regarding eating healthy?

    What is your main health goal right now?

    What’s your number 1 challenge when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet?

    What are you hoping to learn and get out of this course?

    Beta Tester requirements:

    This course will be 6 modules with each module having about 30 minutes worth of video training content along with printable guides and progress trackers.

    We are looking for someone who will take the course start to finish and provide honest feedback along the way.

    You can take the course at your own pace. After you complete each module, there will be a questionnaire for you to fill out.

    Are you committed to taking the full course and completing the questionnaires after each module?

    Are you open to providing a testimonial once you complete this course?