Drink your Greens

I know…I know…a glass full of blended kale, spinach, chia seeds, and all sorts of other superfood goodies doesn’t exactly scream “Yum!” ?? BUT it’s such a GREAT way to jam a TON of nutrient-dense foods into your daily diet without having to eat giant salads all day long ????

SO…what are some tricks I use to disguise the not-so-appealing ingredients? .
My top way is to add berries and chocolate protein powder (I use Vega One Protein Powder) to my smoothies. Then I can add in almost anything without having the flavor thrown off. ??

I LOVE the pre-packaged smoothie packs from Costco which have a perfect amount of organic strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kale, and spinach all in a convenient single-serving package. ??

I throw that in my Nutribullet along with protein powder and whatever else I’m feeling that day…

Maca powder, chia seeds, vitamin C powder, cacoa powder, coconut oil, fresh aloe, vitamins that are so giant I’d rather blend them ??…you name it, I have thrown it in there!! ??

It SAVES so much TIME and it’s an AWESOME way to keep your ENERGY up throughout the day ????