Do what you can

No matter what you’re working towards in life, REMEMBER – there was once a time where what you’ve currently accomplished was once just a dream ??

So next time you get caught up thinking you’re not where you want to be ?? and you make excuses for not taking the action, try this instead…

Just take one SMALL STEP forward with whatever it is. If the first thought that comes up is a limiting excuse of why you can’t, then ask yourself a better question! .
If you want to start eating healthier but your family fights you on healthy foods, what’s a way you can add in some healthy foods that won’t scare your kids away?

If you can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have the time, there are TONS of workouts you can do at home with NO equipment and minimal time. What are some you can incorporate into your busy day?

When your excuses creep in just remember – all you have to do is take a small step forward, use all the tools/knowledge/experience you ALREADY HAVE (and probably take for granted ??), and do what you CAN right NOW ??

Small steps forward towards any goal add up to a TON of momentum the longer you stick with it ??

Your future self will thank you for the forward progress you build today ??????