Focus on Ingredient Counting

How much of what you eat each day comes with an ingredient label?

If your answer is almost everything ??, it’s time to start focusing on whole foods that don’t come with an ingredient label ?????? And have you ever noticed, those whole foods don’t have a calorie content either? ??

The more you feed your body the nourishing REAL food it craves, the less calories you will naturally consume because you’re loading up on lots of natural vitamins, fiber, and volume of food ????

Think about it…a GIANT salad packed with lots of yummy veggies, seeds, and sprouts can have the same calorie content (or likely less calories) as the small frozen meal from the store, yet your body will feel way more satisfied after that salad.

So you’ll be less likely to reach for another processed snack an hour later since you’ve actually fed your body the nutrients it craves ????