Focus on Your Health – Not Your Weight

How you fuel your body makes such a HUGE IMPACT on how you look and feel!

You may be setting your goals based on a number on the scale or how you look in the mirror but remember – it all STARTS from the INSIDE.

If your goals are only external, you’ll take short cuts like drastic diets and workouts that aren’t good for you at all ?? you’ll drop a few pounds but feel miserable and before you know it, you give up because it’s just not worth feeling run down, hungry, and tired just to reach your goal ??

It makes SUCH a DIFFERENCE to go after nourishing foods as your goal ?? Focus on things that make you feel LIGHT and full of ENERGY because those are the foods your body needs to THRIVE. And when you’re at your best, you FEEL AMAZING and you want that feeling to continue. You no longer need to worry about will power to keep you away from the junk food…it becomes your personal choice because you LOVE how much better you feel. From there, the external goals you’re going after will naturally happen because you’re healthier by choice ??