How to curb your sugar craving

Got a sweet tooth you think you’ll never kick? ????Listen – I used to LOVE any sugary treat I could get my hands on…candy, donuts, cookies, you name it and I craved it! ??

I never thought that would change but the more and more I added in HEALTHY foods, the less I craved those sugary things. .
My palate has changed SO MUCH now that I don’t even like the super sugary things I once craved. .
It wasn’t something that happened overnight and honestly, it wasn’t even something I was focusing on and I think that’s why it WORKED SO WELL.

I was so entrenched in what I was learning on NUTRITION and the benefits of all these AMAZING HEALTHY FOODS out there that I wanted to try EVERYTHING and by adding in all those new greens and superfoods, it automatically pushed out a lot of the junk I was eating before. .
And the best part was, when I would grab a sweet treat every once in a while, I realized how much my palate had changed over time. Things I used to love now taste WAY too sweet so it’s easy to resist and it’s no longer a matter of willpower ??

Now don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE indulging in yummy desserts here and there (dark chocolate and peanut butter – yes please!??) but I’m no longer addicted to the sugar and junk foods like I used to be and that was a huge game-changer for me. .
So my tip for you:
If you’re trying to kick the sugar habit and all it’s making you do it crave it more ??, try this instead….

Focus MORE on adding in healthy things instead of eliminating the bad. ??????

If you’re craving something high in sugar, do a quick search for lower sugar alternatives (I’m not talking chemical-filled sugar free options…those are even worse for you!??) but there are tons of awesome recipes out there that can keep your sweet tooth from taking over.

I’ve got a new cookbook in the works too with lots of comfort food makeovers so keep your eye out and stay of course, sweet! ????