How to Stay Motivated

Surround yourself with the energy you want in your life, with the people who embody how you want to be. Like attracts like.

You may be thinking “ But I don’t have anybody in my life like that” and that’s okay. That’s where mentors from a far come into play. What do I mean by that? When I first started out on my personal growth journey I had very few people who thought the way I did. I often felt out of place because while most people in their 20s were talking about parties, reality TV shows, and the latest gossip, I was already married, owned a house, and was reading every book I could get my hands on related to real estate investing, personal development, and nutrition.

I was the friend that would be all excited to give you a personal development book as a birthday present because it made such an impact in my life. But I usually found those books would go unread. People just didn’t have the same interests as me when I was younger and I felt alone, like I was an old person in a young person’s body. It was an interesting time period for sure. But looking back I now realize I was never alone, those books and audio programs were from like-minded people. These were people I admired, connected with, and who inspired me, motivated me, and helped me grow. They didn’t have to be directly in my life and didn’t have to know how much they helped me. All that mattered is I could count on them whenever I needed some guidance, support, motivation, or sometimes a kick in the booty.

And even though I now have a much stronger personal support structure that I am super grateful for, I still count on my mentors from a far. Any time I feel stuck, frustrated, or ready to give up I know that’s when I need to tune in to a Podcast, watch a YouTube video, listen to an audio or re-take one of my online courses from my mentors. It’s amazing how quickly that shifts my mindset and clears out the clutter from my brain.

I’m a big believer in the power of the mind and know that what you feed your mind, what you surround yourself with most impacts you in a major way.

So if you’re in a crappy place right now, feel overwhelmed, stressed, stuck, find something or someone that can pull you out of those feelings and back to the that resourceful powerful side of you that won’t let anything stop you from the life you want. It could be a certain music playlist, a comedian that cracks you up, or one of your mentors giving you just the right wisdom and support you need in that moment.