Momentum is the Key!

***DON’T QUIT*** MOMENTUM is the KEY to ANYTHING you’re working towards in life, whether it’s your health and fitness ??building a business ?????you name it – you NEED momentum on your side! And here’s why…

Tell me if you can relate ??You’re excited to start a new workout, you work out hard for the first week ?????, and by the end of the week you can barely move because muscles you didn’t even know you had are sore ??

You’re exhausted, haven’t seen enough results to justify the pain you just put yourself through so you decide to take a day off…which then turns into a whole week off, maybe even months off ??

Then, one day, you see something that inspires you again and you decide THIS TIME you’re going to stick with the plan and the vicious cycle of starting over begins again ??

I know this TOO WELL because this was my story for the LONGEST time!! I would get excited, workout WAY too hard (to make up for lost time off course ?????), get burned out, take a “break”, and then I’d beat myself up for not sticking with it ??

What FINALLY WORKED for me was when I gave myself permission to make working out EASIER…where a 10 minute workout was AWESOME as long as I did it CONSISTENTLY.

A great rule I use is: Work out at least 4 days a week, even if they’re short workouts because 4 days on always trumps the 3 days off ?? You’ll continue to build momentum EACH WEEK and actually start to see PROGRESS! When you see progress, it becomes easier to step up your workout routine which gives you even MORE RESULTS ??

The power of compounding is AMAZING and it’s a tool you should ALWAYS be using to your advantage.

So the next time you’re thinking about giving up or putting your goals on hold, just remember, starting from some progress is so much EASIER than starting over each time. Keep your momentum building and don’t quit! ????

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