Protect your Morning Routines

Let’s talk morning routines ??…it’s SO IMPORTANT to start your day off right! And full disclosure…I’ve been terrible at this lately ?????

Your morning routine sets the tone and momentum for the rest of your day.

My BEST days are the ones where I get up a little early (after a good nights sleep of course ??), do some journaling and game planning for the day while enjoying my morning java, followed by an awesome workout ?? By the time I’m done I feel SO ENERGIZED, my mind is clear and focused and I’m ready to tackle my day with intention and productivity ????

Now let me tell you what happens on most days ?? I roll out of bed checking my phone (such a bad habit for starting the day!), drink my coffee while checking emails and before I know it, I’m in full reaction mode instead of setting my day up based on my goals and intentions ??…sure I still get the important things done but it’s not until half way through my day that I stop for a minute and remember things I meant to set in motion before my day even started. .
So…instead of starting your day with other people’s agenda and demands (aka your inbox), take an extra 30 minutes to an hour to make sure you schedule in the things most important to YOU. ??

And even if you can’t do this every day… just shoot for starting off MORE days than not with your ideal morning routine. I’m setting my own reminder and goal for that right now ?? ????