Remember How Far You Have Come

Remember to ALWAYS give yourself credit for how far you’ve already come ??We’re usually our own worst enemy when it comes to feeling like we’re not getting ahead fast enough…It happens to me all the time ??As soon as one goal is accomplished, I’m already looking at the next goal and get overwhelmed and frustrated with how far I still need to go ??

It’s moments like those that I take a step back and have a heart to heart with myself ??basically reminding myself of the things I’ve already accomplished that were once just a dream. When I reflect back months or sometimes years…even though every day isn’t some huge win, I notice the steady progress I’ve been making towards my goals. And *sigh* the stress levels disappearing almost immediately when I put that into play.

We live in such an instant gratification society that it’s easy to get caught up in what we haven’t accomplished yet but that kills motivation!

Instead, take your goals day by day, focus on what you’ve ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED and take a minute to pause and CELEBRATE when you hit those milestones ??It makes such a HUGE difference to keep your momentum moving in the right direction