Strive for progress not perfection

As you prepare for the week ahead, remember to think PROGRESS and not perfection ??So many times we get excited thinking about a new diet plan or new workout routine…we plan, prep, time block and can’t wait to get started. But then halfway through the week life happens ??You get stuck at work longer than expected one night, you’re starving when you get home and don’t have time to make the healthy dinner you had planned so you go for something quick, easy, and not so healthy ??and you think why even bother…?????

And guess what? That’s okay!! We all have days like that. The key is to not let that one night blow your motivation for the whole week! It’s what you do the MAJORITY of the time that makes the BIGGEST difference and gives you the STEADY RESULTS you’re looking for ?? ????
REMEMBER THIS the next time you’re ready to give up because of a setback. Give yourself permission to take the night off and just get back to your healthy eating the next morning.

Your good days will far out weigh your bad days when you WORRY LESS about getting it perfect and FOCUS MORE on just doing the BEST YOU CAN each day ??

Remember – Every meal is a new opportunity for progress ??