***Thoughts Become Things***

I’m sure you’ve heard it said before, but how often are you actually practicing the art of positive psychology? .
In today’s world full of so much negativity, self-doubt, instant gratification, and social media’s false sense of reality, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed that you’re not where you want to be yet ??

This is why protecting your mindset is SO IMPORTANT.

What are the things that make you happy? How often are you doing those things?

Who are the people that lift you up and who drains you? Who are you spending more time with? ??

How often are you saying encouraging things to yourself? How often are you beating yourself up? .
Would you be friends with someone who talked to you the way you talk to yourself? .
THIS IS HUGE – if the answer is no…then it’s time for a change!! ??

Make an effort to design your days, your environment, your social circle to BOOST your POSITIVE VIBES and GOOD ENERGY as OFTEN as POSSIBLE. ??

Yes, I get that we all have situations and people who are toxic yet we can’t just cut them off, but you CAN add in more of what lights you up and makes you smile…

And the more you do this, the more those negative thoughts, people, and situations will slowly fade to background noise instead of the main focus. .
Like Attracts Like

What you focus on becomes bigger

What’s your favorite way to keep your mindset on the right track?

For me, I have positive quotes all over my house, I have sparkly things in my office that make me smile and pictures of people who lift me up. My social media feeds are of positive people who inspire me and make me laugh. .
I have bookshelves full of personal development books and listen to motivational Podcasts whenever I have a chance. .
I set my days up with as many of these things as possible so that when things get stressful and crazy, it doesn’t derail my progress and kill my momentum. .
What are you doing to set your day up for success? If the answer is not much, it’s time for an energy makeover…take 10 minutes right now and create your plan ??????