Top 5 Tips to Overcome Food Cravings

#1 – This is so simple yet SO important

Don’t buy the foods you know are going to be your weakness when you go to the grocery store! Trust me, the less convenient you can make your favorite food, the easier it is going to be to let your food craving pass without giving in. Yes, you still might give in from time to time when you go out to eat but the longer you stick with this rule of just not having your temptations in your house, the easier it’s going to become to tame that craving.

#2 – Know your biggest temptation and avoid it at all cost

I know what you might be thinking…”But the other people in my house don’t want to eat healthy like me. They still eat junk food. How do I avoid it when I have to buy it for them?” First off, you don’t have to buy it for them. You can lead by example. If they’re not ready to jump over to the health wagon quite yet, which junk foods do they like that aren’t your favorite? Everyone has certain foods that are more tempting than others. If your kids or significant other still wants junk food in the house, buy things that you aren’t likely to want to sneak a bite of. The whole idea is to stack the odds of your success as much in your favor as possible.

#3 – Get your family on board

Another great tool is to ask your family to be your support structure. If they feel like they are involved in your new plan, they will be more likely to offer help and support rather than feeling like they’re being punished by your new health food plan. Educate your kids on why you’re making the change and that you want to be the best version of yourself for them and you can use their help to keep you on track.

#4 – Ask yourself better questions

Ask yourself better questions when it comes to your health. Instead of the automatic excuses that pop into your head about why you can’t stay on track and why this isn’t going to work for you, I challenge you to come up with ideas on how you can best stay on track. When you think of something dis-empowering such as, “I’m too busy to make healthy foods.” Know that your default is to reach for something fast when you’re probably already super hungry (both easy ways to fall off track) and ask yourself, “What healthy food options can I have on hand to grab when I don’t have time to make something? What can I make ahead of time so I can grab it quick on the go?” and create a new plan based on your answers. The more you can become aware of when you usually fall off track with your diet, the easier it will be for you to create a winning plan that fits for you and your lifestyle.

 #5 – Give yourself time

If you’ve been eating mostly unhealthy for a long time, your palate is going to need some time to adjust to having less sugar and salt in your foods. It doesn’t happen overnight so in the beginning of your health shift; food cravings are going to be the strongest. That is why it’s so important to set your environment up for you to win. Once you stick with this for a few months or even as little as 30 days, you’re going to notice your tastes changing. The things you once craved will begin to taste way too sweet, salty, or greasy and you’ll start to crave healthier foods. Just give yourself time for this to happen and before you know it, junk food cravings will be something you won’t believe you ever used to enjoy.