You are Already a Success!

I was in bed the other night, trying to get to sleep and my mind was racing. I was thinking about all the things I didn’t get done that day, all the things I still needed to do, how far behind I am. I was upset with myself for not being further along in my business. I was frustrated that things weren’t happening fast enough and I was annoyed that I couldn’t fall asleep because my mind was racing. Ever been there?

Then I remembered a mantra I’m trying to get better at making a part of my every day life:

I am already a success. I have already “made it.” Life is amazing. What am I stressing about? Why am I stressing? I have a business that was once only a distant dream, amazing support around me, and here I was stressing about not getting to where I wanted quick enough.

So…I stopped for a second and just started reflecting on all the things in that very moment that I was grateful for. I became more aware of my surroundings. I could hear my fur baby purring on the pillow next to me, felt the softness of the blanket covering me, enjoyed the scent of the freshly washed sheets beneath me, and in that moment I felt at peace. The crazy chatter in my head became quiet and I began to drift off to sleep.

I woke up feeling more rested than I have in a while and it reminded me how important it is to step back, take a moment of gratitude, and give yourself a break every once in a while for not quite being where you want to be. Otherwise, you’re going to burn out and you’ll miss all the amazing little joys along the way.

This is something I’m working on and I invite you to work on it with me because if you’re anything like me, where you feel like there’s a list a mile long for what you want to accomplish, this simple exercise it going to make a major difference for you.

Action Tip: When you start to feel the overwhelm, the stress, and anxiety creeping in because you have way too much to do and no time to do it, I invite you to take a deep breath with me and as you exhale, give thanks. Think about where you are in that moment and start to notice the little things that are so easy to miss or take for granted.

Repeat to yourself “I am already a success. Thank you Universe for everything I have in my life.”