You don’t have to do it ALL yourself

Ask for help already!! When I think back I cringe at all the time I’ve wasted trying to figure everything out on my own, not wanting to bother other people and ask for help, not wanting to give up control for fear of someone not doing it the right way, putting all the pressure on my own plate and designing my life so that I’m so instrumental with nobody to lean back on that I can’t even take a vacation without stressing out that the world it going to fall apart while I’m gone. Yikes…not good.

Sure there’s a certain ego boost when you feel like people count on you and that you are the only one who can handle what needs to be done in the best way possible but it’s also a complete lie. If anything you’ve just been let down too many times in the past and think there isn’t anyone else who can fill your shoes. It’s time to get over that or you are going to burn yourself out to a shadow of the person you used to be…and I speak from experience.

I used to think I had to put in all this hard work and figure everything out on my own and didn’t want to ask anyone for help for fear that it would show people that I didn’t already know what I was doing which is ridiculous because everyone starts out not knowing anything.

Once I finally figured out how powerful it really is to have people you can lean on, ask questions, and get help from, things started to shift so much faster for me.

If I could go back in time and give advice to my younger self I would tell her not to wait so long to let others know what you’re working on, what you’re struggling with, and what you’d love help with. They will either help you or they will know someone who can point you in the right direction so you get there SO much faster. Life’s too short to not ask for directions. Someone else has already struggled and figured it out long before you got here.

Take a risk, raise your hand, and let someone help you on your journey. You are not in this alone.