Comfort Food Makeovers Cookbook! (Paperback)


This time of year, there are so many amazing tempting comfort foods calling our name. We try to resist BUT with all the stress of the holiday season, we give in one too many times and throw our health goals out the window for yet another year…until now!

This year can be different! It’s time to enjoy the comfort food flavors you love without the guilt by focusing on CLEAN, WHOLE FOOD ingredients.

DETOXIFY your body from pre-packaged, low-quality ingredients and give your body the NUTRIENTS it craves.

This cookbook is filled with QUICK EASY RECIPES that TASTE GREAT and won’t weigh you down like traditional comfort dishes.

So…it’s time to step away from the take-out menus and food-like products and step into the kitchen to create the REAL meals your family will love. You’re going to be amazed out how much BETTER you feel and the ENERGY you gain once you make the shift!

Now – let’s get cooking!

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