Quick Home Workouts are the BEST!

Who says you need a big gym or fancy workout equipment to get a good workout?

I’m all about keeping it SIMPLE with minimal equipment that fits in small spaces yet still gives you an amazing workout.

A few sets of weights, some exercise bands, and a workout mat are really all you need to get a good workout, there are plenty of awesome workouts you can even do with no equipment at all.

The bottom line is – pick the workout that you’ll actually stick with! One that you won’t give up on after a few days or weeks because you’re too sore to move or can’t find the time and energy.

Trust me – I’ve tried the crazy workout routines in the past that take up an hour or more of my day and guess what? They were the first thing I gave up when my schedule got too busy. I was setting myself up for failure and it wasn’t working.

What HAS worked for me are QUICK powerful 10-30 minute home workouts that are SO MUCH EASIER for me to stick with over the long run…and being consistent with working out makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. No more start-stop-start-stop.

Instead, start small and stay consistent. Then, before you know it, you will have a new stronger baseline for yourself and you can ALWAYS grow from there.